Prosthetic Eye

Dr. Walrath has worked closely with local ocularists, such as Angela Cotton, BCO, to optimize the care for patients who have lost their eye and need to wear a prosthesis.  Sockets with false eyes intermittently require surgery for:

  • Extrusion of the eye socket implants
  • Loosening of the eyelids
  • Inability to maintain the false eye, leading to embarassing social situations
  • Drooping of the eyelids
  • Inturning of the eyelids
  • Loss of the “pocket” that helps retain the false eye
A common complex of complaints is a “hollowing” appearance of the upper eyelid, combined with downturned lashes that stick to the prosthesis.  I have developed some reliable techniques for helping patients with these problems.  I work very closely with local ocularists, often taking cues from them so that together we can achieve the optimal response for our patients with false eyes.
Dr. Walrath also has had much experience in removing diseased eyes, traumatized eyes, and cancerous eyes.