Eye Socket

Dr. Walrath takes care of complicated problems of the eye socket, including:

  • Graves eye disease
  • Eye socket tumors
  • Eye socket trauma

Orbital decompressions can be utilized to help reset eyes that “bulge out” due to eye socket congestion.  In some patients with thyroid eye disease, this can significantly decrease the ache that they feel.  It involves controlled breakage and removal of some of the bony confines of the eye socket, giving the eye socket tissue more room to expand.  Fat removal is part of this procedure as well.

The majority of eye socket tumors are benign and can be monitored.  Suspicious tumors are biopsied.

The majority of eye socket trauma is also observed, and not treated with surgery. However, there are certain indications for prompt surgical treatment, and Dr. Walrath can discuss these issues with you in detail.