Brow Lift

Not infrequently, eyebrow descent interferes with vision. In those instances, Dr. Walrath can perform direct brow elevation to assist in improvement of appearance and visual function.  This procedure involves making an incision immediately above the eyebrow, and is the most powerful method for lifting a heavy drooping brow.  Typically this is only recommended in men or in patients with heavy wrinkles that can conceal an incision line.

Cosmetic brow-lifting is generally performed through incisions near the hairline.  Occasionally, these incisions can be made very small and completely hidden, with the use of an endoscope.  However, it is quite often more aesthetically appealing to perform larger incisional forehead lifting, usually at the front edge of the hairline.  This avoids the “long forehead” look that some people develop after endoscopic forehead lifting, and it is not a youthful look.  The incision for this so-called pretrichial forehead lift heals well (as see here), and the overall look achieved is generally superior.