Botox & Fillers

Dr. Walrath has injected Botox regularly in many patients with benign essential blepharospasm, in whom it is usually the best treatment for control of this often debilitating movement disorder.  He also injects Botox in patients with uncontrolled tearing who have failed or do not want to try other conventional treatments.

Recently, a new formulation of botulinum toxin has been introduced: Xeomin.  Xeomin and Botox both have long track records — Xeomin has been used in Europe for years.  It has the same FDA indications as Botox, and even the dosing is identical. Merz Pharmaceuticals has a special offer for patients with commercial insurance: they will completely reimburse all of your out-of-pocket expenses associated with your visit when you have Xeomin injected, up to $500 per injection.  Basically, for the vast majority of patients, this means that your treatments will be completely free! To learn if you are a candidate for Botox or Xeomin, click here.

Dr. Walrath has used injectable fillers for patients with false eyes who have difficulty maintaining their false eye or who have developed deep hollowing under the brow.  Occasionally fillers can be helpful in patients with eyelid malposition. To learn if you are a candidate for injectable fillers like Restylane and Juvederm, click here.