Recent Reviews

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Dr. Walrath is an outstanding surgeon, at the top of his field. He is truly the doctor’s doctor, an outstanding surgeon. I have referred several patients to him, and he operated on me twice to correct lid problems from an eye injury. The results were perfect. His staff is friendly and knowlegeable, and kept me informed about everything from insurance preauthorizations to scheduling. He personally called and checked on me after surgery. He is truly caring, has a great bedside manner, and is an exceptionally talented surgeon. Take it from another doctor…he’s the best!

– A.L., August 2017


Dr. Walrath, 

I just wanted to thank you for being such a caring and concerned doctor.  I really appreciated the time you spent examining my left eye.  And when you were not sure what was wrong, you had a blood workup and 2 MRI’s set for me to find answers to my problem.  Once you found what was wrong, you took your time to contact Dr. …, discuss my case and the MRI findings, and then set up an appointment for me. Then you took time to call me on a Saturday to inform me and my daughter about your findings…
Thanks again for the patience and concern you have for me and for my daughter.  I would highly recommend you to any and everyone I know that might need your services.  I will see you in August.
– C.D, May 2017


I had a ptosis correction surgery performed by another surgeon 10 years ago that had left me with upper eyelid retraction in my left lid. I consulted with at least a dozen different Occuloplastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, all of which told me my case was too risky and difficult to operate on. Some opted to add fillers to my eyelid in attempt to weigh my lid down into place, as it wasn’t closing properly. That just added to the scar tissue which was the main issue. When I read an article that Dr. Walrath wrote about the intricacies of eyelid surgery and correctional methods, I was impressed and felt a strong intuition that this would be the surgeon to see to finally alleviate my issues. Dr. Walrath is an extremely talented, compassionate, and highly qualified surgeon. He told me honestly what he could fix and what he could not. Fortunately, my case wasn’t beyond repair, as other surgeons suggested, so I was elated by this news. Surgery was a breeze, as well as recovery. The nurses and staff at Woolfson Eye Institute are top notch and truly care about you as a patient. Dr. Walrath was even nice enough to phone me, personally, the day after surgery (on his day off) to check up on my progress. I flew in from Chicago to Atlanta for the surgery and stayed at a nearby hotel. I was dismissed to fly home 6 days after surgery (and the main sutures were removed.) I sent follow up photos each week after surgery and everything looks great! My eye looks aesthetically pleasing now and nobody knows I’ve had a correction, but comment on how rested and sparkling I look now. Functionally, my lid closes and I no longer have as much tearing or dry eye issues I’ve had in the past. I only wish I had found him years ago!

-L.C., April 2017


Dr. Walrath really cares about his patients and listens to their concerns. He was the only surgeon that was able fix my retracted eyelid after multiple surgeries. I really appreciate his frank approach when discussing the surgery procedures. He goes above and beyond to answer his patient’s questions.

-K.E., April 2017


He has changed my life. I blinked so bad that I could not focus. I fell often. Hurt my hands always. Since the shots I can. See stairs doors rails and I am not hurting myself alll the time plus there is not fear like I had before of knowing that with every step I might fall or hit something. Thank you dr walrath.

-K.D., February 2017


Everything was explained in detail and I had clear understanding of what to expect. The staff was very. Caring and professional. The doctor put me at ease and then did a perfect job! Wish all surgery was this easy! Many thanks to all.

-A.G., January 2017


Not only a skilled surgeon, but a caring person, Dr Walrath has operated on me twice. I have had many surgeries, not all very successful, but the last 2 have exceeded my expectations. He definitely has something going that set him apart from the rest!

-Lisa, January 2017


I felt very comfortable with Dr. Walrath. He provided detailed information about my procedure and I knew what to expect. He followed up with me personally to insure my recovery was on track. His clinical staff was excellent. I would highly recommend Dr. Walrath as a skilled and caring surgeon based on my experience with blepharoplasty surgery.

-J.S., January 2017


Every step was clearly explained to me. Doctor called the next day to see how I was doing. I had upper Bleph under local. Highly recommend! I did not have to deal with anesthesia and made a quick recovery turnaround. There were no long wait times in the clinic. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. No pain meds needed after day 1. Overall a great experience with the Doctor and the whole team!

-D.G., January 2017


I highly recommend Dr. Walrath. He is highly skilled, very personable and never makes you feel rushed. He is happy to address any concerns and is great about explaining conditions and treatment option

-E., January 2017


Staying power

Dr. Walrath… I just want to THANK YOU for being such an amazing surgeon. Next month, it will be a year since I had my eye surgery (upper and lower blepharoplasty as well as raising my right eye. My eyes continue to look better every day. I’ve never seen a more conscientious doctor that takes more pride in his work. And your bedside manner is like no other. I will miss seeing you, but know I continue to sing your praises and refer you to all my friends.

-JA, Feb 2016


Some older reviews (January 2016):


He is great. I even want to go back just to see him. I mean, he is an amazing doctor and he cares about his patients whoever they are.


Dr. Walrath is very comfortable in what he does. The surgery he did uncovered another very serious condition. He explained it in very simple terms. He urged me to contact my oncologist. I had and MRI…. this confirmed his original diagnosis. I have received 14 radiation treatments for ocular lymphoma and am now waiting to have a followup MRI to see the results of the treatment. Plus…. the eye lid surgery was done without a flaw.     


I anticipated one visit to look at the problem and another to take care of it. Everything was done in one visit and I really appreciated that. Also, the staff supporting Dr. Walrath is a very visible part of an excellent team approach. 


Dr. Walrath is an amazing man. He is a gifted surgeon and a definite people person always ready to take time with us and share a laugh too.


While I didn’t like the news, I received. He explained what steps were needed to correct my problem.   


Because of the services I received, I have referred 2 others to Dr. Walrath.


The results from my association with your practice have been amazing. I recommend you at each opportunity when the subject arises. God Bless and a Merry Christmas to you all. 


Dr. Walrath is an excellent doctor. I was impressed that he called me himself to check on how I was doing after my surgery.


Dr. Walrath is an outstanding professional to whom I have referred many people since my visit. His office staff and surgical coordinator, Angelica. is outstanding too. They are not only professional, but caring and helpful and take whatever amount of time necessary to respond to patient questions and concerns. They go far beyond what is expected. I’m sure this attitude is cultivated by Dr. Walrath. I have been totally impressed and am spreading the word to friends and colleagues.    


I love him singing it is comforting but please tell him he should keep his day job ??   

Doctor’s Comment: Ouch!


Especially pleased & surprised to get a follow up call the morning after surgery from the doctor…not from his staff!!!    


Dr Walrath is a very good and caring doctor. He took all the time he needed to explain what he was going to do and what my recovery time and results should be. He has very good bed side manners for a doctor. I will recommend him highly to anyone who has need for an eye surgeon.


Dr. Walrath is very experienced and personable. He is one of the few doctors I have met over the last 4 years that I felt immediately at ease with and confident in. He takes the time to make sure you fully understand your condition, any procedures you will be having, and after care. I have already recommended him and will do so again. Thank you Dr. Walrath for even making the surgery an interesting experience rather than a scary one!    



A grateful patient


It is hard to come up with the right words to express my gratitude to you and your skills as a surgeon. I will forever be indebted to you…How prudent of Dr. K to tell me that you were the only person he would send me to.

-AK, June 2015


A grateful reconstruction patient

I had a large cancer on my eyelid that I had let go for a long time. I had 2 surgeons turn me down because of the severity of the operation needed. Dr. Walrath took on the challenge. It was a 2 day event. He set me up with a specialist to remove the cancer on day one. Then on day two Dr. Walrath did the reconstruction of my eyelid. He did an exceptional job. I still have an eye to see out of and an eyelid that works. I’m nearly 60 years old and in all those years I have never met a doctor with such a great bedside manor and friendly personality, not to mention his exception sills and abilities. He shows a genuine concern for his patients. After meeting Dr. Walrath you feel like you have more than a doctor, you made a new friend. I could sing his praises on and on, and if you ever need his expertise you will also.

-BJ, March 2015


A happy patient with durable results

Dr. Walrath,  It has been six months or so since you did surgery on my eyes and I just wanted to say thank you again for making the procedure so easy and enjoyable.  People have asked what is different about me or commented that I do not look as tired all the time…  With all my thanks

-NA, March 2015.


Holiday greetings from a happy patient 14 months after surgery

My eyelids are still looking great thanks to you! Perfect!!!  Happy New Year!

-MV, Dec 2014.  This patient came to me after numerous failed (and costly) attempts to correct her upper eyelids in the past.


Another review from an upper blepharoplasty patient

On August 1, 2014, you performed an upper eyelid blepharoplasty.  I was very anxious about the procedure but you and your staff made me feel comfortable and completely at ease.  I was totally amazed as to how easy the surgery was, on my part.  I cannot express enough thanks to you and the staff at Gainesville Surgery Center for the care you provided for me. 

I was truly surprised at 7:45 on Saturday night following the surgery when I received your call checking up on me.  I have been a healthcare provider for over 35 years in the emergency response field and I know what good customer service is — you went above and beyond the call of duty.

If you have any patients that are anxious about your service, please give them my telephone number and I will speak with them.

-NA, 10/21/2014


Recent review from an upper blepharoplasty patient

I am a complete fan of yours. Your  care and demeanor from 1st appt to follow -up was the best. You are  extremely knowledgeable, and it was apparent you were concerned with both the cosmetic and health outcomes of my procedure. I am very satisfied with the results. Thank you for you professionalism and a job well done.

-DB, 10/26/2014


Cosmetic upper and lower blepharoplasty patient review

I just had to tell you all the wonderful comments I have received today from many of my co-workers on the wonderful job you have done on my eyes.  I have been passing the attached photos around the office and getting lots of compliments and not even 2 weeks out yet.  I can’t wait to be one month from here.  The pics have also gone across the pond and good reviews from friends there also.  I might just make you world famous!

-LW, 10/21/2014


Cosmetic patient review

Extremely knowledgeable and experienced MD, amazing, caring, and skillful.  I could not have chosen better specialist for upper lid blepharoplasty in the whole world (traveled from Canada to Atlanta).  I am extremely pleased with the results, easy recovery and the followup.  Thank you!

– AO, 4-12-14


Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patient review

How do you say “thank you” to someone who has changed your whole life?  It isn’t an easy thing to do.  When I first met you I was impressed by your professional, knowledgeable, yet warm and friendly manner.  I thought I am comfortable with this doctor operating on me.  My blepharoplasty operation went even better than I expected and when I saw you the following week I was looking forward to getting my stitches out and the completion of my healing.  I had asked you to remove a couple of spots beneath my left lower lid, and after an earlier trip to the dermatologist you recommended, I was pleased to find you had done the biopsies of the area.  I remember you telling me at that post operative visit that I was healing well and that you were pleased with my progress.  Then the words no patient wants to hear, “you have melanoma”.  I never expected that.  While it was a shock, I never realized at that time what a difference it would make in my life.

From that point on my journey with you became more difficult, but you were always there reassuring me and giving me hope and confidence.  To be honest, I don’t know how I would have made it through without your skill, dedication, and caring.

The six excisions I had with the dermatologist left me emotionally drained, frightened, depressed, and fragile, which was a new experience for me since I am normally an upbeat, confident, happy person.  When I looked in the mirror I didn’t want to know the person I saw staring back at me.  I felt sure that small children would run in the other direction, and adults would turn their heads and look the other way when they saw me.  It was a very bleak time, and even though you told me you could repair the damage, I just couldn’t quite convince myself that it was true.

The next operation to “put me back together” went without a hitch, and it was your calm assurance and confidence I remember just before I surrendered to the effects of the drugs.  When I woke up and began to recover, it was my trust in you that allowed me to begin my journey back from the dark place where I had gone.

Later, when you opened up my eye again I began to hope that I might once more have a normal life.  While I still didn’t look great, since I was just beginning to heal, I could see the possibility.  Then I had a problem with scar tissue under my upper eyelid and was told to come into the surgery center where you were operating that day.  I knew that you had most likely gotten there very early in the morning and been operating all day.  It was close to 5 P.M. and I’m sure you were looking forward to going home to enjoy a well deserved weekend with your family.  I believe many doctors would have just said “I’ll see you on Monday”, but not you.  You put aside your own personal desires and needs and took the time to make sure you helped me through a very painful situation.  Once again you showed yourself to be an extremely gifted surgeon, and you exemplify the very best in medicine – a caring physician who strives to make certain their patient has the best care possible.

Now, as I look back on the journey we’ve taken together, I wonder if there ever might be a way I could express my thanks to you for giving me back my life.  I never knew when I heard the word melanoma what a change that would bring about.  I am so grateful that now, because of you, I HAVE A LIFE.  Without that first surgery, I might not.  Without your skill I might never again have looked into a mirror and seen the face and person I have always known.  Without your compassion I might have become permanently scarred emotionally.  It was you who gave me courage.  It was your warm smile that made my heart lighter and the worst day a little brighter.  It was you and the unique doctor that you are, that made it possible for me to look back on this time with gratitude.  I wish there was more I could say than just “thank you”.  They are such small words for such an immense gift.  How do you thank someone for giving you back your life?  I don’t know, but I hope you will understand how grateful I am and how blessed I feel for having been fortunate enough to have you as my doctor.  Again, Dr. Walrath, my most sincere and heartfelt thanks.

-EC, 3-7-14


Eyelid reconstruction patient review

In 2005 I had a very large brain tumor removed which left the right side of my face and eye paralyzed. Over the years I have undergone several reconstruction surgeries on my face and eye. Trying to take care of my eye was almost a full time job, everything from drying out so bad that the cornea would crack to having to put tape on it when I would go outside in cold weather. Then I was referred to Dr Walrath for a consultation, we talked about the surgery he could do on my eye and decided it was for me. After the surgery I would have to say it was more than a success, it was life changing. I no longer live with a bottle of eye drops in my hand and putting tape on my eye is a thing of the past. I would highly recommend Dr Walrath he is a remarkable man. I would like to publicly thank Dr Walrath for all he has done to give me my life back.

-JS, 2-11-14


A recent review on Vitals.com from a fellow cosmetic surgeon

As a surgeon who developed a drooping eyelid(from chronic contact usage) severe enough that it was affecting my ability to work I was genuinely fearful. Dr Walrath and his staff were both professional and reassuring. I was working the afternoon of the procedure and have a wonderful result.

-LM, 3-5-13


Praise from a satisfied filler and Botox patient one day after injections with Radiesse and Belotero, and one week after Botox injections

Thank you so much! I look amazing.  I am very grateful.

-DD, 2-12-13 


Holiday cheer from a postoperative patient

Thank you so much for caring for my eyes — lifting the lids did wonders for both my sight and my appearance. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

-BH, 12-16-12

Postoperative praise from a patient having undergone reconstruction after botched cosmetic surgery elsewhere

I truly believe there is no better Doctor in the eye surgery field and I am so thankful to have found you.  Your skill, knowledge, caring, and compassion along with your calming manner, eased and allowed me to put the matter in your hands knowing you would do everything possible to remedy my problem.  You restored my faith in the practice of medicine by showing me you truly cared about my case and treated me as if I was your most important and only patient… another physician commented that my surgeon must  be the best because he had never seen such great work on such a delicate area and was astounded by the change and improvement…

– CV, 9-16-12


Postoperative praise from a patient with surgery to improve the appearance of a false eye, 3 months postoperatively

While leading a Marine Rifle platoon in the Republic of South Vietnam, I sustained multiple schrapnel wounds to my arm, back and head resulting in the loss of my left eye.  I received my first custom prosthesis in March of 1968.  I have had 8 eyes over the years and in efforts to mitigate a ongoing infection and subsequent discharge underwent six surgical procedures with little to no improvement. I finally had the great good fortune to find Angela Cotton, BCO early in 2012.  It was she that noticed that the probable cause of my symptoms was droopy eye lids which were cause my eyelashes to actually dig into each other and cause the irritation. She immediately recommended and set up a visit to Dr. Walrath which resulted in his scheduling a surgery to mitigate my problem. With great care and attention to detail Dr. Walrath took 90 minutes to fix my eyelids. I can only catagorize the result as miraculous. 

– BL, 6-8-2012


Cosmetic surgical patient review

I have been so pleased with my eyes after surgery… no pain medication was needed after surgery…and friends that did not know about the surgery have noticed the difference….. I am a walking advertisement for you….You are doing surgery on my hair dresser Friday… She looked my eyes over Saturday.. was pleased at what she saw…. Several at the church are sure they need the same surgery…Thank you so much…

– KS, Apr 17, 2012 (Surgery date 3-27-12)

Facial reconstructive surgical patient review

You … are… a physician who brings their humanness into the doctor-patient relationship, then combines that with a patient, listening ear, approachable manner, and excellent credentials and skill… you provide healthcare at its model best.

– KM, Jan 10, 2012