Forehead & Brow Lift

Dr. Walrath performs brow lifting in a fashion tailored to the individual patient. Some patients are candidates for the endoscopic approach, while others benefit from the incisional approaches.

Endoscopic forehead lifting involves the placement of small incisions behind the hairline and the use of an endoscope to perform the forehead elevation and fixation. This technique can soften the wrinkles that develop between the eyebrows as well. Incisional forehead lifting is performed at the hairline or behind the hairline. It has the advantage of shortening the forehead (unlike endoscopic forehead lifting, which may vertically elongate the forehead) and smoothing out some irregularities in the hairline.Temporal brow lifting is performed behind the hairline. It involves removal of an ellipse of skin and soft tissue and is useful in elevating the outer portion of the eyebrow, as well as removing some of the lateral “hooding” of skin that can develop over the outside portion of the upper eyelid.


Below: The healed incision of an open forehead lift at 3 months demonstrating discrete and barely visible scar
Direct brow lifting is appropriate in many men and some women. It involves excision of an ellipse of skin and soft tissue directly over the eyebrows.