Dr. Walrath performs cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures of the eyelids, forehead, and midface.


Oculoplastic surgery can be very satisfying for patients, because the eyes and periocular region are focal points in our daily interactions.  As we age, the fat can deflate (in some), expand (in some), and free itself from the retaining wall that holds it back during our youth.  It falls forward, out of the eye socket, and becomes visible through the lids.  As our skin becomes more lax and our ligamentous attachments relax, our eyebrows tend to descend.  The tendons of our eyelid muscles may relax too, leading to droop.  Our cheeks descend, and sometimes that pulls our eyelids down so that we start to see the white under the eye (the sclera).

In general, these problems are largely surgical.  However, in some patients who are reluctant to undergo surgery, there are nonsurgical therapies that can provide some benefit, although usually the problems that can be corrected with nonsurgical means are generally milder in nature.